Where Would You Like To Go?

The Whisky Tour

Scotland is famous for its Single Malt Whisky. It’s one of our biggest exports and is loved the world over.

My passion for the amber nectar is part of what brought me to be a tour guide. As a keen collector, I have travelled all over Scotland visiting each distillery and sampling their wares. And now I love nothing more than taking my guests along with me.

I am a fully accredited Whisky Ambassador and would be delighted to share my knowledge and expertise.

If you have a favourite whisky region that you would like to visit, select from the tours below. If you have a particular whisky that you love, please get in touch and I can create a bespoke tour for you.

Movie & TV Locations

Scotland has always been a popular location choice for movie makers. With its breathtaking scenery, wild coastlines and bustling cities, many Hollywood blockbusters have been shot in our wee country. From Trainspotting and Braveheart to James Bond and World War Z – and much more. And let’s not forget the smash hit TV show Outlander! Loved the world over and still being shot right here in Scotland.

So, if you would like to follow in the footsteps of Jamie & Claire Fraser, or see where Mel Gibson drew his sword as the mighty William Wallace, join me as I guide you around some of the most famous locations in Scotland.

If you are an Outlander fan and would like a personal insight into the filming of your favourite show, I would be happy to tell you all about my own personal experiences of working on set as a supporting actor and answer any questions you might have about my time on the show